Sean Magwaza

Your Wealth Creation Mentor. Sean is a Professional Trading Coach, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Dad and a Network Influencer.

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Sean Magwaza

Your Wealth Creation Mentor. Sean is a Professional Trading Coach, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, a Dad and a Marketing Influencer.

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Trading Mentorship

I can help you to discover the power of trading starting from just a beginner into a professional trader who can make money consistently.

Trading Signals

Trading can be an easy task if you know what you are doing or have the right person to guide you. Be part of a trading academy and grow.

Network Influencing

Are you inspired to help others make to money while being paid for it? Trust me when you get successful this will feel like your only purpose.

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  • A fully fledged trading academy

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Hi, I ‘m Sean

I’m originally from Hammarsdale near Durban and I’m currently residing in Cape Town. I’m a qualified Medical laboratory Scientist, I used to work as an Immunohematologist before I retired at the age of 27 years old. I first heard about Cryptocurrencies and trading in 2017 at that time I had no clue what they were and how they worked. With a little bit of research I finally learnt more about them and I made a decision that has completely changed my life. The reason I ventured into this business was because it offers you an opportunity to make money and develop yourself exponentially. I’ve always wanted to help and impact more people to become better in life. Whether it was saving lives or helping them become financially free. One reason that makes this business important to me is the personal development that comes with helping other people succeed. It is very rewarding to lift other people and watch them become better every day. I knew very well that getting myself involved with this business was going to help me earn and grow at the same time.

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I retired from the health sector at the age of 27 when I started to make more than my salary. The next story could be yours!

Learn how you can make money even during recession. Discover how my team members are making 6 figure incomes using a simple and already made method even during these hard economic times.

Tones of success stories from my business partners

My name is Nkolelo Sithole, born and bread in the Eastern Cape in a town called Mthatha but I have been living in Cape Town for more than 10 years now. I am a Medical Technologist by profession, currently holding a Degree in Biomedical Science and one in Quality Management obtained at CPUT. Just like everyone else growing up my parents use to tell me to go to school, get good grades so that I can have the most paying job. I did exactly that, I went to school finish my matric with good results. Then I went straight to Varsity obtain my Degree within a space of 4 years, then I applied for a job, got the job and I was so excited to be in working industry. But thanks to Sean who showed me an opportunity that I grabbed and yielded outstanding results from it.

Nkolelo Sithole

Business Partner

I’m Celumusa Mavundla, born and bred in KZN currently staying in Pretoria for work purposes. I started working with Sean is because I wanted to make more money and not rely on one stream of income. When I was still in Varsity, I was told that once I have qualified I will be able to do everything that I want in life. But for me that was different, because I had a lot of responsibilities at home and the salary wasn’t doing any justice. I started working with Sean around September 2019. I had goals that I wanted to achieve. Some of those goals I’ve achieved, and some are still work in progress. I managed to make more than R100k in a month from the business. I’ve achieved having different streams of income, I don’t rely on my salary alone.

Celumusa Mavundla

 Business Partner

Partnering with me

Apart from the self development and money aspect this business has allowed me to spend more of my time on the things that matters. Nowadays I’m able to spend more time with my wife,son, family and friends.

Moreover I can work remotely anywhere in the world at anytime directly online, even when I’m on vacation I don’t have to worry much as the money keeps coming in.

A lot of top leaders in the world highly recommend this business for what it can give you. Personally I’ve achieved a lot. I now have personal and financial freedom. I have no boss I live my life in my own terms.

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